Retainer Wear & Care

If you lose or break your retainer, call our office immediately

Retainers WVWear your retainers 24 hours a day for 12 weeks; remove them for eating, brushing, and sports. You will then wear them at nighttime only, unless otherwise instructed.

Keep your retainers clean by soaking them daily in luke warm soapy water for a minute or two and then rinse the retainers. DO NOT USE TOOTHPASTE, DENTURE CLEANER OR MOUTH WASH.

Keep retainers in the retainer case provided when not wearing. This will lessen the chance of a lost retainer.

If retainers are lost or broken, call our office immediately. There will be a fee charged for replacing a retainer, but this is better than rebracing teeth that may move.

Diet for DB lingual bar:
If you have received your lingual bar TODAY, you cannot eat the following – HARD, CRUNCHY, STICKY FOODS on the front teeth For example: Apples, Raw vegetables, Corn on the cob, Hard candy, Ice, ECT.

We strive to provide the highest quality care in a family friendly environment. Please call if you have any questions regarding care in our practice. Thank you for your cooperation.